Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today Muslim's announced that they will not stop until the entire world is converted to Islam. They claim that they will kill all of the "infidels" and "despots" and cleanse the world of all non-Muslims.

This is sounding evermore like something just step up in importance from "should my next car be a minivan or an SUV?" Does it really matter if your kid makes the honor role if Muslims are going to kill you and your kid because you aren't Muslim?

Luckily Monday night football resumed so millions of citizens can ignore the festering growth of this cancer and watch a bunch of men run up and down the field carrying the "pigskin", strike that, no cloven hoofed animals, how about carrying the "camelskin". Oh and don't forget, no more beer with the game as alcohol isn't allowed, and the Dallas Cheerleaders will be wrapped from head to toe, and the will remain in the basement until it is time to come up and serve the men. And women's rights, hah, you can forget about that, besides woman were meant to be told what to do, and how to act. Thinking is best left to the wise Muslim clerics.

I think that if a group of people, based on religion, race, sex, whatever, can't accept a little criticism about some obvious flaws in their belief system (yes, I know for a fact murdering another human in the name of your own religion if a major flaw), than that group needs to be educated and the flawed behavior must be stopped at any cost.

Muslims cannot be allowed to perpetuate this behavior one moment longer. Non-Muslims need to stop the spread of a such violent and murderous group, religion does not allow for murder, rather it is the celebration of the human spirit. Those who commit murder in the name of Islam, are nothing more than human waste, disguised behind little scarves. Why hide behind the scarves? Show your face like real men. Or are you afraid you will be hunted down and expunged by those who know you are mentally deranged?

Murder in the name of religion is an abomination, evil, and mentally insane behavior. Only the deranged could find any kind of truth, from allah or any so called desciples to justify murder. And if Allah says murder in the name of religion is OK, then the writings of Allah needs to be banned, removed from existence at whatever cost to protect all peace loving people of the world.

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