Thursday, February 12, 2009

Create Jobs = Economic Fix

Let me proclaim in loud but easy to understand terms. The only way to fix the economy is to create jobs. That is it. Without jobs, no one can purchase goods and services, or obtain credit. Forget about loans, propping up companies, or mortgage bailouts. Let the foreclosures go through and wash out of the system. Home price need to reset so that average people with average incomes and who have jobs, credit and down payments can buy them at realistic prices.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Create jobs and stop bailing out Wall Street"

Dear Mr President,

Stop the madness. Bailing out banks and large corporations, is not going to solve the economic problems of the US and world markets and will actually exacerbate the problem. These corporations have run amok for years, fueled by greed and mismanagement
, and now have the unmitigated gall to beg for billions in undeserved bail out monies whilst decorating their ivory towers with $76,000 rugs, and purchasing private corporate jets.

The answer is to create millions of jobs. Put Americans to work, not illegals, but honest to God Americans. National ID's for everyone or no job. Reduce unemployment, and put the ranks of the working class back where they belong, at work.

And regarding unemployment, anyone who wants to collect unemployment must go to their respective cities and counties and volunteer for 40 hours a week in order to collect unemployment. No more sitting at home collecting money for nothing. I imagine that if people had to work in order to collect money, they would get off unemployment real fast. No more sitting at home collecting for 6 months or more. Work for your pay and by providing civil service to your communities. Think of the cost savings to those communities. People may actually start to care a little more.

And along the same lines, no more job bank. No more collective bargaining. All pay should be based on merit, and not time on the job. Dinosaurs and cavemen had a place in history, and so do unions.