Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Pope has no reason to apologize, Pope says remarks on Islam misunderstood Muslims showed their true colors over and over again this week by threatening to expunge (murder) all non-Muslims from the face of the earth. How many times do Muslims have to tell the whole world to convert to Islam or die before the rest of the non-Muslims deal with this threat and eliminate the source of all this non-stop hostility and death. Murderous Muslims have no place in this world. Peace loving, law abiding Muslims are welcome to share the planet.

If someone is caught molesting children, then they are a child molester. This behavior is not acceptable. If a child molester went on world TV and stated that he is going to continue molesting children until every child on earth has been molested, every normal people would agree that this person must be stopped by any means necessary in order to protect children everywhere. Very simple to understand. If Muslims are stupid enough to go on TV over and over pledging to murder all non-converts in the name of Islam, then it is up to everyone else in the world to take whatever actions are necessary to stop the evil.

Luckily, Ramadan is almost upon us, the possibility for at least a brief period of peace may be enjoyed by the rest of the non-Muslim world citizens. Obviously, a peace loving religion would never tolerate violence by it's own during the holiest of holy months. Oops, apparently not U.S. warns of increased violence in Iraq . It seems that Islam backed violence actually increases during this holy period.

Here's a thought, ask parents to keep an eye on their own children Britain to Muslim parents: Watch kids . Wow, what a thought. Parents helping to raise happy, healthy, non-judgment, non-violent children who respect all cultures and religions, children who accept criticism of their own belief system without murdering others.

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