Monday, September 18, 2006

Islam Peaceful? - Al-Qaida warns Muslims: Time to get out of U.S. - It appears that once again the peace loving Muslims have decided that it is time to kill several thousand more non-Muslims in the name of peace for their "religion"?

Is it just me or is Islam not really that peaceful? Or is the Muslim definition of peaceful include cutting of heads, crashing planes into buildings, or running into a random crowd with explosives strapped to you body? Imagine for the moment if the Mormons or the Baptists started taking down planes or randomly blowing up people gathered at a restaurant. Would Americans allow that to continue un-checked?

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press last week, area Muslims claim that they feel depressed and are tired of defending their religion. I am going to make a suggestion, STOP KILLING PEOPLE and maybe other citizens of the world won't despise you.

I am certain that most non-Muslims really don't care about criticizing or looking down upon Muslims, but if Muslims can't control their own behavior and act like civilized humans, then not only should they be depressed, but they should feel shame, guilty and self loathing as well.

If someone I new was planning on killing a group of people in the name of any religion, I would assist any an every police agency to help stop them before they act. Muslims, it is time to do the same.

How many non-Muslims have to die before someone stands up and says "hey, maybe Islam really isn't that peaceful?" Maybe it's time that the world gets together and says Islam needs to be re-worked if it wants to continue to be considered as a religion. Maybe it is time to stop the spread of a horrible disease that is slowly spreading around the world. Maybe it is time that the peaceful followers of Islam stop supporting the non-peaceful followers.

My belief system taught me to be nice to be others. It taught me to respect others feelings, thoughts, spirituality and beliefs. BUT, if killing non-Muslims is part of the Islam belief system, then Islam must be held liable for the actions of it's followers.

Maybe in defense of their peaceful religion, they should identify all violent Muslims and their supporters. Maybe all citizens of the world should stop all financial assistance to Muslims, Muslims countries. Maybe all citizens of the world should stop buying goods and services from any Muslim owned/operated businesses until the "real" peaceful Muslims put a complete stop to the violent and aggressive behavior within their ranks.

Talal Chahine, a Dearborn, MI restaurant owner syphoned millions of dollars from Americans citzens that dined in his restaurants, and sent the money to the middle East supporting hizzbollah efforts in killing non-muslims. Then Chahine snuck out of the country to avoid paying income tax on the money. So maybe American citizens should just stop eating at La Shish restaurants and let the chain go out of business, thus cutting off financial support to the violent group, which is of course supported by Muslims.

All that is evil and bad about Islam can be cleansed, but it will require 100% effort from Muslim followers themselves. If Muslims want Islam to be potrayed as a peace loving religion, then they need to keep their own religious house clean. If Muslims can't keep their house clean then the rest of the world needs to do what needs to be down. Stop supporting any Muslim owned or operated business immediately.

Stop defending your religion with murder and start acting like peaceful human beings.

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ThePatriot said...

Here, Here ! Finally an American with some balls!

I agree that the moderate Muslims have a duty to expose these extremists. Unfortunately, they aren't getting the world out loud enough, if at all.

...or perhaps, they are just letting others do their dirty work for them. I'm convinced that moderates know who the extremists are and where they are. Why aren't they stepping forward and giving these people up? I know they go to the same Mosques! I know they live in the same neigborhoods!

Probably because the only differance between a moderate Muslim and an extremist Muslim is the timeline for genocide. The bottom line of Islam is...If you are not Muslim, you are an infidel. There is no wiggle room.

In my opinion, moderate Muslims are no better then those who strap on the bombs. They are accomplices to murder. They are harborers of criminals.

Like Prsident Bush said at the onset of the war, "You are either with us or you are with them."