Sunday, September 28, 2008

Unions Destroyed Economy

Ford has layed off over 50,000 employees, and still has the capacity to manufacture millions of vehicles. So have GM and Chrsyler. Imagine the inflated cost to each vehicle in paying for all of those extra job protected union members and their undeserved benefits.

First they needlessly drove up the cost of vehicles for the past 20 years to the point where people can't afford to purchase a new auto. Now these unemployed workers drag down the economy because they never banked their retirement (spent on jet skis, motorcycles, bass boats and motor homes) and suck up existing jobs creating increased unemployment, preventing new workers from entering the workforce at a decent wage.

Union job protection sent all the jobs overseas, because the workers received undeserved pay and benefit and drove their repective companies to lose billions a year now. Because the unions made sure that people got $28/hour plus unrealistic benefits to install door handles, ashtrays, etc., the average wage will soon drop below $13 with no benefits. It's no wonder the jobs are gone and the pay and benefits are bottoming out.

Thank you unions. You killed the American Dream for a generation to come!

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